Friday, August 7, 2009

Roster part 3

Hey there again Ultra Wrestle junkies. In this, part 3 of our roster bio extravagansa, we introduce 5 more of our great wrestlers. Let's get this party started!

Parachute McGilacuddy
Oh boy, where do I begin? Everything about this guy is an offense to all that is good and decent (not the least of which is that horrendous gut). It may or may not surprise you to know that Parachute McGilaCuddy spent a couple years on the street, and quite a few more in therapy. He calls his finisher the 'Run Run its Chavo' which is a harsh Murder Backdrop. He claims that it keeps Chavo Guerrero away. Ah yes, Parachute is quite into conspiracy theories and believes that the high flyer from the WWE is responsible for the deaths of most professional wrestlers. Flamboyant, completely deranged, and very nasty in the ring, Parachute McGilacuddy is not someone who's bad side you want to be on. Better yet, it's probably safer to avoid him altogether.

Reginald Waters
Sir Reginald Waters the Third is a classically trained British brawler. He ventured over to the United States years ago after a lack of competition on his home turf. His aristocratic upbringing and cocky demeanour have not endeared him to Americans however, as he believes he is not only above them, but above the sport he has dedicated his life to (try figuring that one out). His finisher the Upper Class is the strongest lariat i've ever seen in the business. Reginald is not a good sport or a nice man. He is however one hell of a good wrestler and will take any challenge thrown at him. One to watch at a safe distance.

It's Rick, just plain Rick. Rick was part of a deal for signing his tag team partner and best friend Yob. Oh sure he has some ability, but man you have never met a more narcissistic person in your life... that and we really just wanted Yob. Large, a stiff worker, and mean, Rick takes pleasure in hurting his opponents. His finisher the Broken Mirror is a Pedegree, usually followed by a suplex and a pin. To tell you the truth, we wouldn't mind Rick half as much if he didn't wear such tight pants.

The Serpent
The Serpent is an MMA fighter from Sudan, who has decided to try his hand at professional wrestling. Meeting him in Japan, I signed him to the fed soon after, being very impressed with his versatility, and his brutality. Still learning the English language, Serpent only talks in small bursts if at all, but one thing is clear, step in a ring with him, you will get hurt. His finisher the Cobra Strike is a swift Kenta Kick to the skull which has knocked out numerous opponents and even resulted in a couple concusions. Every now and then, Serpent gets the MMA itch so we have an octogonal cage on standby, but most of the time, a deathmatch is enough to feed his need for violence.

Simon Destructo
The other half of the tag team Devastation. Even though Simon and Blue Lion's places of birth were separated by the Atlantic ocean, once they met in Ultra Wrestle, they found and formed a kinship, as if they'd been brothers their whole lives. Simon Destructo is a bit of an oddball. He trained in mat wrestling, Lucha, and MMA, but his secret passion is Baseball. He wears his jersey everywhere, and even named his finisher the You Are Out (which is a Styles Crush rolled over into a pin). Simon seems to have the talent to be a top singles competitor in Ultra Wrestle, but his loyalty to his tag team partner has stopped that from ever crossing his mind.

Next update, the final 6 wrestlers of the Ultra Wrestle roster. Shortly after that, we'll post our first card and then it's on with the wrestling. Stay tuned!

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