Saturday, October 17, 2009

Results from Card #3

Match #1 - Boomerang vs Subby Phillips

Boomerang was being punished for yet another week. This week his opponent was the master of submissions, Subby Phillips.

Subby was his usual self, showing off his submission prowess all through the match. Boomerang got tired of it very quickly however and began locking in his own submissions in the form of Boston Crabs, Sharpshooters and Figure Fours. Subby was able to get out of every single one but they were visibly wearing him down.

Around the 15 minute mark, Subby locked in the GOOT (Get out of this. I'm calling it the GOOT from now on). Boomerang was able to worm his way out of it and the match continued.

More submissions, more reversals. Finally Boomerang locked in the Triangle Scissors. Subby must have been too worn out to counter. Without any way to break the hold at the ropes, his only choice was to tap, giving Boomerang yet another win.

Boomerang yelled at the ringside staff for a microphone. This is what he said...

"Oi Mr. Douchebag, that's twice in a row you've put me in the opening match and that's twice i've destroyed your lower card. The next time this happens, i'm gonna injure somebody. All i want is my rematch with Fatty Gordon. The rest, well that's in your hands."

Boomerang threw the mic at Subby and returned to the back.

Winner: Boomerang via Triangle Scissors - 18 min 11 sec

Match #2 - The Pretty Boys vs Los Turnipos

Tonight was the debut of Los Turnipos. Los Bombola and El Turnipo have teamed before but have decided to register an official tag team with Ultra Wrestle, and their first match was against Yob and Rick.

If anything, this match was a showcase of El Turnipos talent. Most of the match he was the legal man voluntarily.

The match started slow with some quick tags, and both sides feeling out the competition. Things got interesting when Turnipo and Yob were fighting, and Rick jumped in for a cheapshot. After a whip into the turnbuckle, Turnipo set Rick up for a Super Hurricanrana. As he jumped up to execute it, Rick grabbed his shoulders and slammed him to the mat. Yob quickly capatilized with a pin but only got a 2 count.

More back and forth action. Rick tagged in Yob and surprisingly, Yob ignored Turnipo, slid under the ropes and pulled Bombola off the apron, attacking him before sliding in reversing Turnipo's attack and pining. Bombola dived in the ring, breaking the count at 2.

Yob tagged in Rick. More moves being traded off before Turnipo hit Rick with the Osaka Stunner (his finishing move)! Turnipo jumped to the top rope and performed a spectacular 450 senton splash. Not done yet, he picked Rick up and hit him with a standing Hurricanrana into a pin. Yob had run in the ring during the senton so easily broke up the pin when it happened. Yob bulldogged Turnipo into the mat before returning to his corner. Rick gets up and tried to pick up Turnipo. Reversal into a pin, sadly now that Rick had regained his bearings, only a 2 count.

Around the half hour mark, fighting broke out on the outside. Rick levelled Bombola before he and Yob worked Turnipo over with a couple of steel chair shots.

Rick continued the assault of Turnipo in the ring with a Bridging German Suplex Pin. a 2.9 count. Angrily he hit Turnipo with a Throwing German Suplex which almost knocked the poor kid out.

After 10 more minutes of attack and being unable to pin Turnipo, the bell rang. The 45 minutes allowed for this tag match was over. Yob and Rick, being pissed off double teamed Turnipo with a pick up Diamond Cutter. Bombola ran in to help his partner and got the same for his trouble.

Yob and Rick were about to leave when Mr. D walked out with a mic.

"Oh no, with a match like that, we're not leaving it there. We need a winner!"

Yob and Rick started to sneer thinking that the match would be continued.

"Next week you two will compete in the main event, and like every main event, there will be no time limit. Also, if either of you lay a hand on each other between the next show, i will fine you $5000"

The crowd cheered as Mr D. left. Yob and Rick stormed off to the back as Bombola and Turnipo recovered.

Winner: Time Out - 45 mins

Match #3 - Bare Bear vs Lord Xbox

A quick brutal match.

Xbox dominated most of the fight with Bear getting some nasty shots in, but never being able to gain the upper hand.

One really nice spot was Xbox attacking Bear with a striking combo before climbing the turnbuckle and pulling off a beautiful flying elbow. Randy Savage would be proud.

After more heavy hits and suplexes, Xbox hit the 3 Red Rings, and Bear wasn't moving. Senior Official Mustafa checked Bear. He was unconscious. Xbox was declared the winner. As he walked to the back, a medical team came out and put Bear on a stretcher. More news later in the week as we learn of his condition.

Winner: Lord Xbox via KO - 8 min 13 sec

Match #4 - Booty Kall vs TNT

After being shut out of the main event picture last show thanks to Booty Kall, TNT went to Mr. D and signed a singles match, hoping to get the upper hand and some modicum of revenge.

Booty and TNT have similar fighting styles and technical background so it should come as no surprise that the match was full of reversals, matwork, pinfalls, and hard hitting slams.

The hard hits took a step up around the 5 minute mark when TNT slammed Booty into the mat with a Super Reverse Hurricanrana. Only got a 1 count however.

Both wrestlers use the Flying Knee as a signature move. At one point in the match, after both running into the ropes, they both executed Flying Knees, missing each other. The crowd applauded.

At around 10 minutes, Booty throws TNT out of the ring, following it up with a Throwing German Suplex on the wood! TNT responds with a reverse DDT followed by an Enziguri.

After many slams and near falls Booty Kall hit the BK Bomb for the 3 count. Booty helped TNT to his feet afterwards, and extended his hand in friendship. TNT looked hesitant but shook it, before raising Booty's hand in victory. The two exited to the back.

Winner: Booty Kall via BK Bomb - 14 min 32 sec

Match #5 - Parachute McGilacuddy vs Mitchel - Landmine Deathmatch

Yet another in the parade of Reginald's opponents to destroy Mitchell. Parachute McGilacuddy and Mitchel have fought before and this time proved to be no less brutal. Due to the exploding barbed wire around ringside, Reginald walked out with Parachute, but stayed at the entrance, surveying the match.

A lot of punches and chops being traded until Parachute hit Mitchel with the RRIC (Run Run it's Chavo). Not content to leave it there, he hit Mitchel with another one, but couldn't get even a 1 count.

Mitchel tried using his Sickle attack on Parachute, but the helmet was adequate protection.

Parachute pulled off the Reverse Gory Bomb and pinned for 2.

About 10 minutes in, Mitchell was busted open by a florescent tube to the face.

A couple more pinfall attempts from Parachute to no avail. Finally Parachute locked on a Flying X Arm Hold out of nowhere. Mitchell looked to be trying to squirm under the ropes to the outside to get out of the hold. Reginald ran down to the ring, picked up a barbed wire bat laying on the outside of the ring and clocked Mitchell right in the head. Mitchell being knocked out led the ref to raise his hand to see if it would drop. It was raised 3 times, it dropped 3 times.

Not content with Mitchel being knocked out. Reginald dived in the ring, and then with the help of Parachute, threw him outside onto the barbed wire explosives!

The two walked to the back leaving the medical team to look after Mitchell.

Winner: Parachute McGilacuddy via Flying X Arm Hold - 16 min 44 sec

Main Event - J.M. Styker vs Big Gordon - Ultra Title Match

Folks, in my opinion, this was the best wrestling match i've seen in the short life of Ultra Wrestle. Not only was it Big Gordon's first title defense after defeating Boomerang on our first show, but J.M. Stryker's first shot at the main event picture, and the vibe was that he had something not only to prove to the fans, but to Big Gordon too.

The match started with the two testing out each other. A Body Slam here, a clothesline there. Styker even pulled off the Rolly Polly. He definitely was showing off. It paid off though as only 6 minutes in he hit the Emerald Fusion 09 on Gordon. Only a 2 count. He did it again! Still a 2 count.

This is when Big Gordon started to take the match seriously... and he got mean. European uppercuts, Forearm slams, Pile Drivers. Then the cue de grace, a Powerbomb into the ringpost!
This is when Gordon started to dominate the match. After a partularly nasty slam, Gordon went up to the top rope, deliving a Foot Stomp right onto the back of Stryker, follwed by a Vertical Suplex over the ropes to the outside.

After some back and forth on the outside and then back in the ring, Stryker got some momentum back with a Shining Wizard, followed by a pin. Almost, a 2.9. Gordon countered with the Gordon Bomb. We all thought this was it. Stryker kicked out at 2.9! Stryker countered that with a Throwing German Suplex that sent Big Gordon out of the ring!

After more back and forth, Stryker whipped Gordon into the ropes, and hit him in the face with a Fireball. He set Gordon up for another Emerald Fusion 09, but Gordon slid out of it, kicked Stryker in the stomach and hit another Gordon Bomb! 1,2,3! Big Gordon retained his title.

The crowd were on their feet by the end of this, cheering what has to be one of the best wrestling matches of the year. Hopefully Styker will get another shot at the title, but with Boomerang wanting a rematch, we'll just have to wait and see. Tune in for our next show. It's probably going to be just as amazing.

Winner: Big Gordon via Gordon Bomb - 22 min 35 sec

Monday, October 12, 2009

Card #3 - Where did all the Money go?

Where did all the Money go?

Match #1
Boomerang vs Subby Phillips

Match #2
The Pretty Boys vs Los Turnipos

Match #3
Bare Bear vs Lord Xbox

Match #4
Booty Kall vs TNT

Match #5 - Exploding Deathmatch
Parachute McGilacuddy vs Mitchell

Main Event - Ultra Title Match
J.M. Stryker vs Big Gordon