Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roster: Ref, Titles and Current Champs

Heya Ultra Wrestle fans! Mr D here with the first update explaining the fed and the roster. This post will be dedicated to our senior official (the referee), the belts Ultra Wrestle has, and their champions at this time.

Yes we have champions. See, we've been performing a lot of house shows around the place with a couple matches a night, just testing the waters and getting the talent ready for the level of quality i expect from matches in my federation. We've had some amazing fights already, a couple nasty injuries and the titles have changed hands on more than one occasion.

Well, let's start things off by intruding our senior official, Mustafa.Mustafa is a veteran of the wrestling business. An active competitor in his younger days, he retired around the age of 45 to become a referee. 20 years later, he's still going strong. His count has gotten a little slow over the years, but that's a slow count for everyone, so we let it slide.

I probably should mention this now, but we do things a little differently in Ultra Wrestle. To start with, our countout timer is 20. We also have a 5 second disqualification rule. If you're doing something illegal, you have 5 seconds to stop it or you will be disqualified. Also, our fed does not use rope breaks. That's right, being near the rope will not break any submission or pinfall. We feel this increases the flow of the matches.

Now let's move onto the belts.

First up are the Ultra Tag titles.

Any two competitiors can team up and be eligible for these titles. Ultra Wrestle encourages wrestlers to form tag teams, as we want this division to be full of competitive spirit. Plans are in the works for making a tag team tournament once a year for this very reason.

Our current tag champs are The Condors, Trebor and The Psycho Amigo.

Treber may be little but that doesn't stop him from being one tough SOB. With a style that combines high flying with deadly kicks, Trebor has been known to punish his opponents. His finisher, the Tiny Drop is a beautiful frog splash off the top rope that hurts a lot more than you'd think it would.

The Psycho Amigo (Fernandaz Rodreigo) is Ultra Wrestle's run of the mill luchador. Strong and Agile, his flips and slams never fail to impress. Amigo either uses The Plantation or his inverted Plantation to finish off his opponents. Both are forms of the Diamond Cutter, and look beautiful in their execution.

Our next belt is the Ultra Crazy title.

This is for those wrestlers that like to test the endurance of their bodies in either the Barbed Wire Deathmatch or the Landmine Deathmatch. Both utterly brutal, but with the right people in the ring, it can be a thing of beauty and wonder (as well as great entertainment).

Our current champ is Mitchell.

Old, lethargic, eats and smokes too much. That's Mitchell. In the 70s he was the star of a failed 90 minute TV pilot about the world's worst police officer. Soon after he made a career change to wrestling. Mitchell is rather boring to watch in the ring (and he usually wins his matches with sleeper holds after wearing down his opponents), but his stamina is astounding, taking unbelivable amounts of punishment and coming back for more. His finisher is The Gravy Boat, a variation on the Ashi Susumu. We have a feeling he chose it only cause the move ends with him in a sitting position.

Finally, there is the Ultra Title.

This belt is the top prize in the federation. To acquire it, and indeed retain it, you need to be on top of your game, fending off the best our fed has to offer.

The current Ultra champ is Boomerang.

Raised on the streets of Lilydale, Australia, Boomerang made his way over to the US where he trained himself up in the indy scene for a few years. Upon his arrival in Ultra Wrestle, his weaknesses as an amatuer wrestler became readily apparent. Strengthing his resolve Boomerang trained hard, changed his attitude and has become a dominant force in the company.

While most do not agree with the way Boomerang conducts himself inside and outside the ring, with his brash, hooligan like behavior, no one can argue with his results. Taking on all comers and showing them why he is the best in the company at the moment, it will take a special talent to pry the belt out of his fingers. His finisher, The Dingo Drop is a devastating Ultra Rana into a pin.

One final word. Another rule we have to keep things fair is not allowing a title holder to persue any other belt. If a tag champ wants to try for the Ultra title, he has to wait till his team loses the belt, and vice versa. Like most of our differing rules, we feel it keeps things interesting.

Next update, i'll start going through the rest of the roster. Till then, remember, Ultra Wrestle's where wrestling happens.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi Folks.

My name is Dave Richards, but you can call me Mr. D. What does the D stand for you ask? Why, "don't mess with Mr. D." of course.

I've spent many years competing around the e-fed circuit in the early 2000s. I retired for quite a while, but now i'm back in the business with my own federation, Ultra Wrestle! We're gonna try our darndest to offer the finest wrestling the indys, the majors or the e-feds have ever seen.

This blog is an internet hub for all things UltraWrestle. Over the next week or two, i'll post up pictures of our current roster with a short bio on each wrestler (we've got 20 of the best up and comers at the moment, and am looking to add to our ranks).

After the introductions, i'll start posting the cards for our next shows. We're planning on 2 a month at this point in time, with plans for a couple of pay-per-views throughout the year to add to the excitement. Aside from the cards and results (we're planning on putting up video of the main events), we'll have interviews and promos here.

Be sure to stick around. Ultra Wrestle is all things Wrestling. Watch this space, we're gonna be huge!

- Mr. D.