Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi Folks.

My name is Dave Richards, but you can call me Mr. D. What does the D stand for you ask? Why, "don't mess with Mr. D." of course.

I've spent many years competing around the e-fed circuit in the early 2000s. I retired for quite a while, but now i'm back in the business with my own federation, Ultra Wrestle! We're gonna try our darndest to offer the finest wrestling the indys, the majors or the e-feds have ever seen.

This blog is an internet hub for all things UltraWrestle. Over the next week or two, i'll post up pictures of our current roster with a short bio on each wrestler (we've got 20 of the best up and comers at the moment, and am looking to add to our ranks).

After the introductions, i'll start posting the cards for our next shows. We're planning on 2 a month at this point in time, with plans for a couple of pay-per-views throughout the year to add to the excitement. Aside from the cards and results (we're planning on putting up video of the main events), we'll have interviews and promos here.

Be sure to stick around. Ultra Wrestle is all things Wrestling. Watch this space, we're gonna be huge!

- Mr. D.

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