Sunday, August 2, 2009

Roster part 2

Hello again folks. Mr. D here with another post introducing our roster. Nothing really left to say, so let's get to it!

Bare Bear
A mysterious cage fighter from Mongolia. Does Bear wear the mask and fur of the Gobi Bear for some shamanistic purpose? Is it to inspire fear in his opponents? Is it that his face is more horrendously scarred than his body? Whatever the answer, you won't get it from Bear. Expressing himself with body language and a series of grunts and growls, Bear is a man of few words but gets his message across perfectly. Combining martial arts with a harsh puroresu type wrestling style, Bear is a force of nature within Ultra Wrestle. His finisher, 'The Bear Facts of Life' is a swift and solid punch to the solar plexis that will drop any wrestler on the spot. Its name suggests Bear has a sense of humour. Its execution proves that its quite dark.

Blue Lion
He comes from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow. The Blue Lion became famous throughout the north of Europe (Norway, Sweden & Finland) as a formidable, and devastating wrestling opponent. Now he's looking to make a name for himself in North America. One half of the tag team Devastation, Blue Lion does not speak much, having his partner Simon Destructo speak for him. His finisher, the Antelope Gutter, is a picture perfect Northern Lights Bomb. Why is he blue? While most working here at Ultra Wrestle think it's just body paint, we've never seen him without it. No nonsense and always down to business, Blue Lion is one to keep an eye on.

Los Bombola
Los Bombola, the flying fatman. Trainer of the Psycho Amigo, Bombola has been an active competitor for over 25 years in Mexico and the US. Defying the laws of gravity on a nightly basis, Bombola has always been a fan favourite and never fails to put on a spectacular show. Lately he has become concerned with his weight and has been trying hard to lose it through various diets. The lack of his beloved junk foods has started to show in his in-ring performances, where a mean streak is emerging. His finisher the Chocolate Rain has to be seen to be believed. A Corkscrew Moonsault Press, launched off his standing opponent.

Booty Kall
He loves wrestling almost as much as he loves the ladies. An amatuer wrestler through high school and university (with a brief stint in MMA), Booty Kall has honed his skills to be at the top of his game. Arrogant, brash, and containing one hell of a mean streak, Booty Kall will do what he can to be the best in Ultra Wrestle. His finisher, the BK Bomb, which is a Samurai Power Bomb, will end most matches immediatly. Entertaining in and outside the ring, Booty Kall has quite a career ahead of him.

Big Gordon
The English all rounder. Gordon has won the Ultra Title, held his own in various deathmatches, and almost injured more than one opponent with the deadly Gordon Bomb. Jovial and friendly outside the ring, all business inside it. Gordon was trained to make use of his power, before leaving England to seek noteriety amongst the American indy circuit. Now in Ultra Wrestle, he can hone his skills in multiple areas, though at the moment his sights are set on the Ultra Title that Boomerang won off him many months ago.

More bios of the Ultra Wrestle roster next post. Keep visiting the Ultra Wrestle blog. Your one stop shop for all things Ultra Wrestle.

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