Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interview - Boomerang

KR: Hi everyone! This is Kirsten Reeds here with ex Ultra Wrestle champ Boomerang. So the question on the minds of all is how you're coping with losing to Big Gordon last week?

BOOM: How am i coping? How does it feel to lose to Big Gordon? How does it feel? You jerks are all broken records! So sure of yourselves now that your hero has the title back. You think i'm out of the picture, end of story, roll credits? If you knew anything, you'd realise a movie has three acts and as i recall, there's only been two. I beat Big Gordon, Big Gordon beats me. One a piece, so i think there needs to be a decider, and if Mr. D has any balls at all, he will set this up! See, until i get my rematch, i'm going to be the biggest badass this company has seen. Everyone will know what it means to get on my bad side! And when the chairman has finally seen sense and i get my rematch, we will be departing from the standard Hollywood ending, because the hero will not be walking away into the sunset.

Believe it Big Gordon for my name is Boomerang, and I. Always. Come. Back!

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